Reggie Dabbs
Staff Evangelist

Reggie's Story... born to an un-wed teen considering abortion, Reggie considers himself fortunate to be alive! With no place to go, this young mother, just a girl in trouble, abandoned abortion, and ended up living in a chicken coop in Louisiana.

She remembered a former school teacher, Mrs. Dabbs, who at one time said to her students, "If you ever need anything call me!" She had given her students her home phone number. So, the girl called Mrs. Dabbs, who went to Louisiana, picked up the girl, and took her back to Tennessee. Mrs. Dabbs, her husband , and their six grown children, took the girl into their home. They cared for Reggie's mom until just after Reggie was born. They continued giving little Reggie care, as foster parents, until he was in the 4th grade. Then they officially adopted him and gave him the Dabbs name.

The Dabbs took Reggie to church regularly and instilled in him strong moral values, for which he is genuinely grateful. They ingrained in him the fact that in every situation he faced, HE had a choice. What he did with that choice was entirely up to him.

In the 6th Grade, Reggie began playing the saxophone but hated it, but the insistence of his adoptive parents kept him practicing and playing. It wasn't until his freshman year in college that he actually enjoyed the instrument. Today, Reggie wows audiences with fervor and expertise as he plays his sax.

In 1987, he graduated from North Central Bible College, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and began speaking in churches. During one speaking engagement, the host asked if he would be interested in addressing a high school assembly. It was from this small beginning that Reggie has become one of the most in-demand public school assembly speakers for teens. He helps teens meet their problems head-on and overcome them. In fact, his year is filled with public school assemblies, night evangelistic rallies, youth conventions and retreats! And when summer comes, you'll find Reggie in one of his favorite places -- youth camps-- where he shares the life and love of Jesus with teens.

WHEN ADDRESSING A SCHOOL ASSEMBLY, Reggie talks to kids with a humorous style about choices each of them face with drugs, alcohol, suicide, etc. He gets right in the kid's faces and tells them he never smoked a cigarette, did drugs, nor drank alcohol... all because he CHOSE not to. He assures them they can make the same choices. Reggie talks to kids about family and how thankful they should be that they have families. He talks to them about dating and emphasizes virginity as an honorable choice. Most of all, Reggie drives home the fact, "You can never change your past, only your future!"