Giving love, encouragement and hope care facilities all across Lee County, every week!

About First Assembly Care Facilities

The mission of First Assembly Care Facilities is to give love, encouragement, hope, pastoral care and counsel to one of the most vulnerable populations in the world, starting in Lee County, Florida. We develop strong relationships with Elder Homes of all types, as well as a growing base of faithful, faith-filled volunteers who are the hands of God extended in love. We work to be voice of God, telling that salvation is still available through faith in Jesus Christ. We work to create loving, caring, true church communities within each facility for the encouragement and uplifting of the residents, positively affecting their quality of life. We create an environment in each facility for Christian growth and development, and to extend the "last chance mercy of God" to all who will receive. Please visit our website for more information.

The Mobile Campus

Other First Assembly of God satellites have a location where people come to church. FIRST ASSEMBLY CARE FACILITIES brings church to them. Our campus is found in every facility in which we minister all over Lee County. That is why we're called the "Mobile Campus."

Extended Ministry

We bring a basic weekly church service with a song service, prayer, ministry in the Word, and Communion. Membership provides access to the services of A/G Financial and to church business meetings. We offer busing to major events held at First Assembly of God (central campus in Fort Myers), such as the Keyboard Festival, Ralph Carmichael concerts, and others. Participation in other outside events through the Top Notch senior life ministry is encouraged, as is involvement in First Assembly of God’s worldwide missions efforts. Pastoral care and counsel is available, extending to family members and employees, on an ongoing basis as needed or in the event of illness or death. Onsite events are scheduled, such as hymn sings and special guest concerts with artists such as Larry Ford. Free literature is available and distributed such as Bibles, the Pentecostal Evangel, weekly bulletins, large print hymnals, and devotional books. Children's programs and grandparents' programs in association with our children's ministry are available. We also offer extended ministry to employees of the facilities in which we serve.

Ministry Teams

Each team is made up of two to four people who have volunteered because they have a heart of compassion and a desire to serve the Lord. One person will be appointed as the "Lay Pastor" for the facility. Another may lead in worship. All the team members will reach out to the residents individually with the love of Christ. Several volunteer teams go out every day and minister to people who need to know someone still cares about them. New teams and resources are being developed and new venues being added every week.


Our pastors and volunteers are aware of the special needs of those who attend our services. They become part of us. Consequently, when they are missing from our meetings, we seek them out to visit and pray for them. We function as their church and as ministers of the Lord to them.


As their ministers, when residents have emotional, spiritual and personal needs, we are available to listen to them, pray with them, and offer encouragement and support. We also have professional volunteers available who may be able to assist them with other important issues.

Prayer Requests

Prayer is a crucial ministry of any church. We ask all who visit this website to add us to your daily prayers, requesting that God will guide us and pour out His redeeming love through us. .

Church Membership

Some people who once chose to be a part of a church community and enjoy the blessings of worshipping and fellowshipping with the Body of Christ are no longer able to attend. Our desire is to help them regain that piece of their life by bringing church to where they are, making it possible for them to be members of a loving community. Membership is available to anyone who senses the need to be a part of a church again and is willing to adhere to the guidelines set forth in the constitution and by-laws of First Assembly of God. However, residents do not have to become members in order to enjoy our weekly services. We offer church atmosphere and fellowship for all people, no matter what their religious "label" has been.

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