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Wednesdays, 7 PM

You're invited to join Pastor Russ Hurst every Wednesday, 7 PM, in the main sanctuary at First Assembly of God located at 4701 Summerlin Road, Fort Myers FL, 33919. Or live stream the teaching right here on our website.

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"It is generally accepted that Jesus actually existed. He lived for a short 33 years in Israel 2,000 years ago. That is not usually debatable. The famous historian H. G. Wells, who was not a Christian believer, remarked, "I must confess as a historian that this penniless preacher from Nazareth is irrevocably the very center of history. Jesus Christ is easily the most dominant figure in all history." Well's observation about Jesus has general acceptance by many; the debate starts when Jesus' real identity is the subject: Who was He really? Was He a mere man? Was He a notable prophet? Was He an outstanding teacher? Was He a healer? Or was He much more than that? Was He divine? Was He "the only begotten Son of God?" And what meaning should His life have to anyone? Does He truly matter today? The proposed question, "Who is Jesus?" strongly suggests that He is still living, that He exists now in our own lifetimes, that His life still influences multiplied millions of people. Is that possible? Or is this proposal merely the hope of unintelligent, under-educated religionists? Does this question, "Who is Jesus?" have any relevance in today's society? If so, to what extent? Beginning Wednesday night, December 5th, and continuing for 20 successive Wednesday evenings, this question will be thoroughly discussed. Everyone is cordially welcomed to attend. "

Rev. Dan Betzer

"Who Is Jesus?"

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Who Is Jesus
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"Wonderful church! They love God, love people, serve the community, and stay true to the heart of Christianity. If you are ever around Fort Myers, you need to check this church out!!"

Tyler Kinser

"Continued uplifting messages to live by... and genuine concert quality Christian worship music from the choir..."

Lowell Fisher

"This is a wonderful church - probably one of the most biblically grounded churches I've ever attended. They are centered around missions, and are just all around kind people..."

Kelly Stricklen

"First Assembly has truly been 'family' to my family for almost 15 years now. Our kids have loved Children's Ministries and now they are moving on to Youth Church - which they love..."

Dylan Rodmyre

"It is wonderful to attend a church that I can wholeheartedly support in their mission and theology. My 2 years here feels like 20 because of the way everyone has welcomed me like family..."

Allison Van Loozenoord

"It’s a God place, true preaching, anointed by the Holy Spirit. Drove from Apollo Beach to be here..."

Ruby West

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